Compatibility names in marriage

Techno 6 December, 2017

2017-01-24 21:17

Compatibility names in marriage
Compatible names plays an important value in relations between a man and a woman.

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Is this the person I chose for a relationship? How long will our marriage? It is not surprising, but they are who we are largely depends on our character. Compatible names plays an important value in relations between a man and a woman. It happens that the two who are madly in love can’t live under one roof, and it also happens that people live together happily ever after, no matter what. Creating a family and entering into marital Union, it is very scared to make a mistake. This article will help to save your marriage from disappointments and resentments. Read and believe!

In order to calculate the compatibility names in marriage, you need to know the numeric value of each letter of your full name and partner name. The number name can be learned from this table:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9





Here is an example we calculate the compatibility of names of Ivan and Olga. Calculate the number of the name Olga on the table: 7+4+3+4+1=18=1+8=9. The Name Ivan: 1+3+1+6=11=1+1=2. The result is two numbers: 9 and 1. When you consider your numbers a name, it will only know the result.

Results compatibility names in marriage:

1 and 1 in such a relationship will always have to compromise, as both partners are leaders by nature. 1 and 2, a good compatibility in love and marriage. In such a pair will always prevail harmony and understanding. 1 and 3 – in relationships will be a lot of passion and emotion. Marriage will be like a volcanic eruption. 1 and 4 – very good love compatibility by name. But in order to preserve the relationship, we need not only feelings, but also a common cause or hobby. 1 and 5 – the relationship promises to be hot. Bored in such a marriage the spouses will not be exact. 1 and 6 good compatibility by name. Partners will understand each other and support in everything. 1 and 7 – in the future this couple will tie the habit, which gradually develop into a kinship. 1 and 8 in this pair should always be equality, otherwise the relationship will quickly exhaust themselves. 1 and 9 – a good love compatibility in marriage. The relationship is love, understanding, support, passion and tenderness.

2 and 2 in a pair will constantly be conflicts because of the struggle for leadership. 2 and 3, a harmonious and happy Union. In the future – strong family and many children. 2 and 4 relationship in a pair will become perfect only if the partners will be more open to each other and each will take the initiative. 2 and 5 to achieve happiness in a relationship, you will need to overshadow personal ambitions. 2 and 6 the stability, peace, harmony, prosperity and common purpose. A good Union. 2 and 7 partners in such a relationship should first and foremost be friends. The rest will come by itself. 2 and 8 perfect compatibility. And one another and love life and strive to get the maximum enjoyment. 2 and 9 in this Union the partners are completely opposite. However, this does not mean that the couple has no future. As you know, opposites attract.

3 and 3 in this Union the most important thing is to give each other personal freedom and independence, then the relationship will be harmony. 3 and 4, the future of this pair is possible only under condition of true love. 3 and 5 good compatibility names in marriage, but for complete harmony, the partners need to engage in a common cause or hobby. 3 and 6 is the Union of a long and happy love. 3 and 7 partners are not similar, neither in thoughts, nor in the preferences. They’re like from different worlds. But this does not prevent them to create a strong and happy marriage. 3 and 8 is not very good compatibility names in marriage. There will be many disagreements and conflicts. 3 and 9, this pair connects not only love, but also shared aspirations. A very good Union.

4 and 4 a strong relationship, but a bit predictable and boring. 4 and 5 in this pair is not to be missed understanding and support, which can cause quarrels.

4 and 6 the Union is reliable. According to compatibility by names, married partners will listen to each other and act in the same direction. 4 and 7 stability and peace. Not enough emotion, passion and diversity. 4 and 8 in the relationship will always struggle for leadership. Not a good combination of names in marriage. 4 and 9 – these partners have everything to create a strong and happy family.

5 and 5 a good name compatibility for love and marriage. Successful Alliance for marriage and having children. 5 and 6 a lot of feelings and emotions. Family life in this Union will be full of surprises and pleasant surprises. 5 and 7 – difference from each other will be the bridge that connects two hearts once and for life. 5 and 8 – personal principles and ambitions will always be an obstacle to harmony and family happiness. 5 and 9, the cause of all ills in this Union can become a way of life. Partners first need to get to know each other better.

6 and 6 – a Union will be successful only if the couple often share with each other thoughts and feelings. 6 and 7 partners in this Union as one. Very good compatibility names in marriage. 6 and 8 – this Union was an idealist and a realist. A good combination in which one will always complement the other. 6 and 9 in this Union, men will never demand from each other expressions of love and feelings.

7 and 7 – the relationship will be happy only if the partners will pay more attention to each other, rather than personal feelings and mental anguish. 7 and 8 – an unfortunate name compatibility at love. Both will fight for the leadership of the pair. 7 and 9 is a good combination. But the marriage can be lasting only if at least one of the partners be realistic.

8 and 8 – both of them leaders, but they will be able to find a compromise, if you divide spheres of influence. 8 and 9 – the relationship in this pair truly be happy only if the partners will be engaged in one activity. 9 and 9 in this couple people need to show patience to each other, otherwise it can collapse.