COP in Britain alone kept falling from the bridge truck

News 6 December, 2017

COP in Britain alone kept falling from the bridge the truck. The incident occurred in the County of West Yorkshire near the village of Leeds. A van with a driver in the cab hovered on the edge of the bridge.


Information about this report the British media. The driver lost control and the transport turned over. The first news of the incident was the reaction of the police. From ran to the truck and began to hold his wheel. Rescuers arrived at the address about 15 minutes. All this time police kept the van over the wheel, trying to prevent his fall. Then the emergency services personnel used a rope and pulled the car to a safe distance.

After the publication of this information in the Network, fellow of the British police called “Superman”, noting that he lacked only a cloak, in order legitimately to be called a name of this hero from the movies. Twitter posted a photo of the brave law enforcement officers. The driver delivered with injuries to the hospital, threats to his life are now there.