Costs incurred by the crisis of migrants: Ottawa estimate that they have already done a lot

News 23 March, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Friday, 23 march, 2018 04:45

    Friday, 23 march, 2018 04:45

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    OTTAWA – The federal minister of Immigration, Ahmed Hussen, said that Ottawa “has already done a lot” in relation to the taking in charge of the asylum-seekers.

    This reaction occurs as a result of the letter of the quebec ministers of Immigration, David Heurtel, and the Relations of the canadian, Jean-Marc Fournier, in which they claim the refund by Ottawa “the totality of the amounts incurred for the support of asylum-seekers who crossed the border in 2017, or $146 million.

    Even if the provincial welcomed the investment of $ 173 million, in the last budget, of Ottawa, for supporting the security operations to the u.s.-canada border and the treatment of asylum applications to come, he considers it “inadequate.”

    “We have already done a lot in regards to Quebec,” said for his part the minister Ahmed Hussen, Thursday, in the face of reporters ‘ questions in the House of commons.

    He also stressed that his government had issued more than 10,000 work permits for asylum seekers in Québec, that the envelope for their integration was enhanced to $ 112 million by the federal (to reach a total of 490 million $) and that the Transfer of canadian social programmes had also been increased for Quebec.

    According to the letter of the government of québec, the number of asylum seekers in Quebec rose from 3,500 in 2012 to nearly 25 000 in 2017.