Created the world’s first free telephone network

Techno 6 December, 2017

2017-12-04 14:15

Created the world’s first free telephone network
The volunteers began developing a mobile network that works without operator, purely on the enthusiasm of the subscribers.

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In the country, known by the acronym USA, discovered a new anarchist man-made activity, reports Rus.Media.

A fighter for the freedom of information and personal communication Denver Gingerich already released a few of their programs that will form the basis of the telephone network free future Sopranica.

The main idea of the project is to provide mobile communication everyone to bypass any if that was not commercial (and especially government agencies).

Work began yesterday, the start was made a year ago, and Gingerich gathers volunteers to develop and support the project. And opinion actually observed.

Back in January of this year as part of the development Sopranica was established and disclosed a code for JMP anonymous chat linked to the account in Jabber. If you have a Jabber (and many have not yet thrown), you can bind it to the mobile phone number and install the program Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). She will forward your messages and calls to the Internet, bypassing the operator. But this is only the very beginning!

I promise that as soon as the system Sopranica is fully operational, you will be able to choose a random mobile number. Not to engage in the communication channel of the mobile tower, it is necessary to organize a massive P2P network (based on protocols chibiArduino). And that would be the most difficult stage because you will need a fair number of enthusiasts for the organization of a stable operating infrastructure. Responsible for communication are the so-called public gateways (WOM), which registration is in full swing on this site.

Once everything is working, any man (especially in a big city) will be able to connect to the network on a permanent basis, or to pay voluntary contributions for support, or do not pay for the use.

The authors hope that the support of WOM will be inserted in many phones of the near future I will buy a sim card for free and secure WOM-network.

If things work out, we will hear about Sopranica a lot of interesting things in the coming months.