Dental fillings may soon remain in the past

Techno 17 December, 2017

2017-12-17 20:31

Dental fillings may soon remain in the past
Dental fillings may soon be things of the past,

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Dental fillings may soon remain in the past, reports Rus.Media.

All thanks to the discovery of drug Tideglusib, the website of the world economic forum, writes media

Scientists developed it specifically for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

But it turned out that it is also possible to treat holes in teeth.

The drug stimulates the natural mechanism of restoring teeth that allows the tooth to restore the cavity.

It stimulates stem cells in the pulp of the teeth, contributing to the production of new dentin, and natural repair of teeth.

Teeth can naturally regenerate dentin without assistance, but only under certain conditions, and only a thin layer. And that’s not enough to repair deep cavities that causes infection or trauma.

The drug Tideglusib change it, stopping the enzyme GSK-3, which stops the production of dentin.

In the study, a team of scientists inserted into the dental cavity is small, biologically rossalyn sponge of collagen soaked Tideglusib.

Sponge has caused the growth of dentin, and in six weeks the damage dermatophilus.

The collagen structure of sponge melted, leaving only the tooth.

Still this procedure is only used for the teeth of mice.

“Using a drug has passed clinical trials for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, this opens up a real opportunity to implement the dental treatment of these teeth in the clinic,” says Professor and lead author of the study, king’s College London Paul APR.