Destiny 2 Beta PS4: Our impressions

Techno 20 July, 2017

We tested the beta of Destiny 2, and that’s what we thought.

There are many opportunities to get their hands on Destiny 2, either at E3 2017, or at an event also in Los Angeles where we also tested the PC version of the next hit developed by Bungie. Only, it is now possible for most players to access the beta that is taking place at this very moment. For now, only those who have pre-ordered the game can participate on PS4 and Xbox One, with the total opening of the access scheduled from 21 till 23 July. As a reminder, this beta launches you directly in the first mission of the campaign, without being able to pass it. It is also possible to do fast games in PvP 4vs4 Domination or Countdown and an assault to 3 players.

Not to mention the many parts that can be done in PvP, we arrive rather quickly at the end of the proposed content, which is rather normal since the principle of beta is to test whether the servers can withstand the load of the Guardians rushing on the title. Activision and Bungie have not been stingy on the number of weapons to test, since it is possible to play with 3 different weapons by categories. And there are exotics in the lot! It will be necessary to cons well choose his class, this still changing the gameplay considerably. Finally, this beta confirms to us once again that Destiny 2 is a fun, dynamic title, and that, above all, it is now expected that it will come out in full on September 6th to enjoy it even more! The beta of the PC version will arrive in August, for a release set to 24 October.