Discovered two new planets where life is possible

Techno 28 January, 2018

2018-01-28 18:26

Discovered two new planets where life is possible
The conditions on these celestial bodies favorable for origin of life forms.

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A group of experts from the Planetological Institute of the USA in the system of TRAPPIST-1 discovered several exoplanets, which can be water in liquid form, according to Rus.Media .

Other scholars believe that the Americans hastened their conclusions, as is likely, those planets there is no atmosphere, so the origin of life is impossible.

According to scientists, Trappist-1 slightly more than Jupiter’s and 90 times heavier. Ultrahealthy dwarf is thirty-nine light years from Earth, it was opened in 2016.

Scientists system discovered 7 planets and, as it turned out, all of them may be inhabited. According to preliminary data, a celestial body composed of ice, rocky of rock and iron.

Experts also found the temperature on the planets. On average it is -110°C because of dim stars. It is also worth noting that a year there lasts from half a day to twelve days. This is because the planets are very close compared to the sun.

Most likely on the open planets have geological activity. This is indicated by traces of siliceous magma that could come to the surface in volcanic eruptions.

However, all these data do not allow 100% say that celestial bodies have life.