Dolly, Eva, Hitler, Lenin. Adheres to the world ban on cloning?

Techno 12 January, 2018

2018-01-12 18:14

Dolly, Eva, Hitler, Lenin. Adheres to the world ban on cloning?
Some sources claim that the experiments continue.

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Today, December 12, 2008 in Paris signed a Protocol banning human cloning, reports Rus.Media. However, some sources claim that the experiments continue.

Exactly 20 years ago in France, experts have signed a European Protocol banning the cloning of humans. First, the scientists thought it was inhumane to any human being, and secondly, the event is quite unpredictable and dangerous. The first clone animal, which appeared in February 1997, became Dolly the sheep. A unique creation is born at the Scottish Roslin Institute. Next, the scientists likewise created mice, cats, pigs and dogs.

However, the known medical company Clonaid, went even further and, as stated by its Director scientist biochemist Brigitte Boisselle, in 2002, there appeared the first human clone, a girl with a biblical name eve. It is noteworthy that artificial birth Eva was never proven, but the organization Сlonaid assured that the kid feels fine and is actively developing.

Then was born the second child is a clone, also a girl, created specifically for female couples or lesbians who lived in the Netherlands. The third cloned creation, scientists from Clonaid was raised especially for an elderly couple of wealthy Japanese. Proof of birth of babies with cloning, and remained with failure. Biochemist Brigitte Boisselle, a follower of the beliefs of Claude Varilone, explained the impossibility of proof of the existence of living clones in the pairs with these kids don’t want publicity. The scientist says that on account of the laboratory more than 5 human clones.

It is noteworthy that Madame Boisselle speaks about the plans of the cloning of Adolf Hitler. The company Clonaid in the process sees a humane end is not yet ended of historical justice. Some sources claim that the Fuhrer of Nazi Germany escaped death and peacefully lived to old age under an assumed name. The scientist hypothesized that cloning of the dictator, will be possible to give it a fair trial, which never took place.

But the cloning of the leader of the workers of Vladimir Lenin, the specialist is negative. She noted that the cells in the body of a mummy dead and therefore lack the necessary DNA samples. The woman is sure that the world has many couples can’t have children, so the laboratory production, the life of the departed leaders is better not to do, as it does not work one day, and the personality that emerged as a result of manipulation, can grow a completely different person.

One time figured in all sorts of information about cloning and the billionaire from Australia, Clive Palmer. The man lost his beloved wife and, as expected, had the intention to create an image in the neutral waters on a ship “Titanic 2” which were specially built for this purpose. It is known that cloned “unsinkable” needs to go on the water at the beginning of 2018, several times warmed up interest to the person secretive Palmer and his intentions.

The cloning process is not fully understood by official science. On the one hand it can bring benefits, on the other hand it is not known what will turn the creation of the living creatures in the laboratory.