Dr. Clown needs to cut his visits in half at CHUL

News 31 March, 2018
  • Photo Le Journal de Québec
    Marilyn Little and two clowns of the body Dr Clown.

    Pierre-Paul Biron

    Saturday, 31 march 2018, 00:00

    Saturday, 31 march 2018, 00:00

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    Budget problems will force the Foundation Jovia to reduce the number of visits from Dr. Clowns in the rooms of sick children at the CHU de Québec, a situation that saddens many parents who relied a lot on these moments of happiness.

    The director general of the Foundation Jovia, responsible for the program of clown therapy, confirmed the news to the Newspaper Friday. Over the next few weeks, the visits to the Centre hospitalier de l’université Laval (CHUL) will change from two to one time per week because of budgetary difficulties. Some departments may no longer receive the visit of the famous clowns-famous

    “Normally, the ratio of the costs is borne 50/50 by our foundation and the fondation du centre hospitalier, here the CHU. However, this ratio was lower since a few years and we are no longer able to pay the difference of the costs that it entails,” explains Martin Goyette, obviously disappointed with this turn of events.

    The president and chief executive officer of the Fondation du CHU de Québec laments this situation, adding that his organization had not altered its funding to the project. “We have a contract stating that we are 20% of the amount that they invest. If this amount there will not be as high due to financial difficulties on their side, it is certain that it makes less money in the end”, says Marie-Claude Paré

    Parents arrested

    Arrested after the news, the mother of a young man who rubbed shoulders with for years Dr. Clowns has launched a call to all on Facebook to engage parents. Marilyn Small says that this service has often been a balm in difficult times and that it is not the children of bailing for the budget measures.

    “Dr. clown are good to the children, but also parents, in addition to support and collaborate with physicians and health care providers. They are a part, according to me, the healing process of children and they have their place in the hospital”, wrote the mother of a family, in a message that provoked several reactions.

    Many parents have provided their support for the program and have desired the return of full services. A petition conducted by doctors of the institution would also be preparation to try to reverse the situation.

    Review the budget

    Martin Goyette ensures that the organization and management of the Fondation du CHU de Québec are currently working to find solutions. It suggests the possibility of donations dedicated specifically to the service of the clowns therapeutic to help restore the tours.

    “We always have a very good relationship with the foundation of the CHU and we will find solutions. It is necessary to try to see how we can increase the budget, but it should not be to the detriment of the research or of the equipment for example”, says the director of the foundation, Jovia.

    Annually, the Dr. Clowns are about 60 000 visits in hospitals throughout Quebec. At CHUL, the foundation is estimated to make approximately 6,000 visits, a number that could shrink by half if the measure which will come into force should continue.

    Reactions of parents on the social networks

    • “We can’t deprive the sick children moments of happiness that it provides them with the Dr. Clowns. […]It is inconceivable to me that we increase the salaries of doctors, specialists, and delete a service if enjoyed with children” – Marilyn Small
    • “I have to cry reading it this morning. It is good for children and parents, often exhausted of seeing their baby suffer and cry” – Karie-Lyn Pelletier-Groulx
    • “Sad news”. The smiles and the happiness that they provide to children and parents substitute drugs. In addition, they help the staff members to make interventions more enjoyable. They are essential to the healing of children.” – Mélina Duval
    • “They just bring a smile to your child, change ideas, to dream, to be a child in this adult world. And by the same token, they will come put a balm on the hurt, the pain, the helplessness of the parents” – Fanny Leblanc
    • “I’ve met them 6 years and this is a service which makes the parents are reassured and children happy. They forget for a time their pains. If you like, revise your budget, this is not the right way” – Marie-Claude Gingras
    • “Unacceptable as the decision! How to deprive the children and the families that have to go through such trials. While sometimes this is all it can take to reach to hang a smile in such circumstances” – Richard Rondeau