Dragon Quest VIII: The Odyssey of the Cursed King – The Test

Techno 19 January, 2017

Released in 2004 on PlayStation 2, Dragon Quest VIII signs its big return on 3DS. New heroes, new dungeons and new challenges … More than 12 years later, does the old King still have his place in 2017?
In the country of the Japanese RPG, two big families clash since the dark age of consoles 8 Bits. Yes, you will say that you should not leave out the Mana, Chrono, Tales of, Kingdom Hearts, Xeno, Grandia, Persona, Arc, Y’s, Fire Emblem … The list is too long. But in the 80s and 90s I said, two large families used to make the fans of each flag rise to the niche. All other series were generally accepted by all. As a plus. But the nerve of war was DraQue vs. Final . There were Dragon Quest fans on one side and Final Fantasy fans on the other . In France they have always been in a strong position thanks to a localization and a release of the 7th episode of the series in great pomp in the late 90s on PlayStation 1. In Japan, however, it was a little different . And Dragon Quest, was the king. The two series had much in common. A renowned designer, Hironobu Sakaguchi for Final and Yuji Horii for DQ; A talented illustrator, Yoshitaka Amano on one side and Akira Toriyama on the other; A composer of genius, Nobuo Uematsu or Koichi Sugiyama ; A kawaii mascot with Mog and the little Slimes … But they also shared important commonalities: Heroic Fantasy universes, immersive stories, charismatic heroes, and a fallen combat system today In oblivion (or almost), turn by turn .

It’s in the Old Pots …

Dragon Quest VIII was released on PlayStation 2 in 2004. It is the first of the saga to have undergone a localization in France in 2006. It is this episode that Nintendo and Square Enix decided to adapt on 3DS in 2015 after a Portage on mobile. Two years later, he shows the end of his cartridge in our latitudes! And things have happened during this dozen years. The most important change, of course, is the almost total abandonment of turns, under the arguments of modernity. We will not enter into a sterile debate here, but only remember that this famous turn-based system is still claimed today by many players, and that, for example, Final Fantasy have lost their superb , both in term Sales and reception to the players and the press since this abandonment … As an example, and despite a lot of installed consoles far superior, the latest episodes are far from getting the ratings and sales of their predecessors … But This is another subject.
Dragon Quest VIII, 3DS, DraQue, Toriyama, JRPG, Nintendo, Square Enix
The 4 original Heroes are back
Dragon Quest VIII, 3DS, DraQue, Toriyama, JRPG, Nintendo, Square Enix
King Trode has been transformed into a monster!
Operation Dragon
So it’s a great classic that Square-Enix and Nintendo have decided to release on 3DS. Lovers of unrestrained action may not find themselves on familiar ground. Dragon Quest VIII is a worthy representative of the great J-RPGs of the Golden Age of the Japanese role-playing game , with all its classicism and charm; And this version milled for the Nintendo laptop, despite its additions and its modern elements slipped here and there, remains very (too?) Close to its original version. On the sidelines of the game system, the menus are in the minimalist and some mechanics smell a little naphthalene … Think about it. To use objects in battle, you must first go to a menu, distribute the objects you might need one by one to each character, in a common list that includes consumables and equipment, so that objects can be used by the after. We are very far from the large stock of items available on demand and on the fly. In the same vein, the game requires you to multiply the round-trip to the inns and churches, in order to recover your life or resurrect your heroes. However, for those who do not have a priori, the charm always operates, notably thanks to an atmosphere and a history always so engaging, without pretense or powder in the eyes, but only well conducted and well rhythmic .
Dragon Quest VIII, 3DS, DraQue, Toriyama, JRPG, Nintendo, Square Enix
Imposing bosses come to play the spoils
Double Dragons
In terms of additions, there are two types of change. On the one hand, the pure and hard improvements, such as the new craft cauldron- alchimarmite- , better readability of skills trees, the possibility of accelerating the fighting, the suppression of random combats, a photo mode, StreetPass … And of the other real additions : two new playable characters, new dungeons, several new quests, an alternative end and very nice deepenings on the side of the scenario and the general background … As we have Seen, this version 2017 manages to surprise the fans of the first hour, eliminating for example the random combats . Now, the monsters evolve in flesh, scales and claws on the map, and in most cases you are able to dodge them or influence who you are going to face by choosing to throw you against such monster or To decamp in front of another. Beware, however, your leveling, which remains the heart of the evolution of your heroes, will suffer … The survival of your team will sometimes be the price of this strategic avoidance … It’s up to you!
Dragon Quest VIII, 3DS, DraQue, Toriyama, JRPG, Nintendo, Square Enix
The atmosphere is very warm
The Final Quest
The adaptation itself is most correct, even if the range of colors remains more screaming, and that some problems of displays will come to play you a few laps at certain times … Oh yes, and stop playing with the 3D switch Of your 3DS … It is not taken into account … But do not let us sulk our pleasure. The world of Dragon Quest remains a sure bet for the solitary adventurer. The general design imagined by Akira Toriyama – the Dragon Ball dad – remains very attractive. The scenario, simple indeed, is effective, dotted with colorful characters and turns of situation welcome. Count between forty and fifty hours to lift the curse of the Cursed King, his daughter and his Kingdom , to which are added the numerous auxiliary quests available after the end of the game.
Dragon Quest VIII, 3DS, DraQue, Toriyama, JRPG, Nintendo, Square Enix
The Slimes! The Slimes!
Dragon Quest VIII, 3DS, DraQue, Toriyama, JRPG, Nintendo, Square Enix
A rich and varied universe, down to the deepest dungeons
The Return of the King
Dragon Quest VIII: The Odyssey of the Cursed King is a demanding game against current standards . Some players accustomed to automatic backups and lifelong life could cringe at the proposed challenge, or feel baffled by an oldschool gaming system . Still, it remains as powerful. The magic of the trait of Toriyama, this special atmosphere and its charming characters will surely make capsize the hearts of millenials like those of their elders in their time. DraQue VIII is one of those titles that have marked the video game . It is a friend of childhood that we lost sight of that you add on Facebook. The 3DS has a new meter-standard in its already well-supplied RPG catalog. Whether the nostalgia of a real J-RPG ‘old-fashioned’ makes you look, or you want to try the genre, the misadventures of King Trode arise there. AT
An attractive universe and endearing characters
The end of random combats
New Heroes
New Quests and New Monsters
An in-depth scenario
Alternative end
The new cauldron
Accelerate Fighting