Drum Horizon: 2 reasons to crack for the connected watch from Louis Vuitton!

Techno 17 July, 2017

As announced a few days ago, Louis Vuitton has just launched its first connected watch, the Tambour Horizon. And here are 2 good reasons to crack for this smartwatch.

If at first glance, Louis Vuitton does not seem to have invented hot water with his watch connected, the truth is different. The famous malletier has integrated all his universe into the dial of his smartwatch: monogram, checkerboard … everything is there. And since Louis Vuitton never does anything like the others, it bet on a diameter of 42mm for its Drum Horizon whose bracelets are also interchangeable, at a time when most manufacturers offer us the 45mm. Mine of nothing, it changes everything!

The other good reason to crack for this smartwatch is, in my eyes, linked to one of its features. If you’ve played the LV City Guide, you’ll love the Horizon Drum. Why ? It’s simple. This fabulous address book is integrated in the connected watch of the briefcase, which has caused a lot of ink to flow by collaborating with Supreme. Finally, the price (LV enough) of this new version of the Drum that starts from 2300 euros. But if not, you can also set your sights on the Apple Watch Series 2 that still dominates the market of watches connected.