During sex improves women’s IQ

Techno 21 January, 2018

2018-01-18 09:38

During sex improves women’s IQ
Female brain activity during sex times higher for men

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Canadian scientists from McGill University have proved that during arousal the female brain are more active than men’s, reports Rus.Media.

Experts studied the brain activity of volunteers while watching porn with the help of advanced technology. During the study they found a high level of activity in various brain regions in women than in men. Scientists believe that this demonstrates that male and female arousal involved in various neurological processes.

Along with porn subjects showed the sitcom “American family” to distinguish the brain’s response to sexual arousal from the reaction to humor.

Scientists have discovered that genital arousal in women is stronger is associated with changes in the activities of the various parts of the brain than men. In the conclusions the authors of the study noted that this is a surprise, since “previous studies have shown that the correlation between the subjective sensation of excitation and the real excitation of the genital organs in men stronger.” The conclusion is especially interesting in the light of usvideo thoughts, that visual sexual stimulation excites more men and is more important.