East&West hosts vibrant Spring celebration in Dubai on International Women’s Day

News 14 March, 2024

East&West, renowned for its homage to Silk Road heritage, recently hosted a lively Spring Morning Party at Dubai’s luxurious Be Beach Club on March 8th, in honor of International Women’s Day. The event, which marked the launch of East&West Fashion Brand in Dubai, was a jubilant affair celebrating the essence of spring and women’s empowerment. Attendees enjoyed an interactive morning filled with healthy breakfast delights, stimulating conversations, and the company of diverse individuals from across the globe.

Highlighting the occasion was the commencement of filming for the esteemed project ‘Women and Roads: The Way to Yourself’ in the UAE. Conceived by acclaimed children’s writer Kristina Kretova and songwriter Anna Kameneva, the project seeks to empower women and illuminate their journey towards self-discovery and exploration. Directors shared their excitement about the project’s inception, which included insightful interviews with inspirational women and extensive travels throughout the Emirates.

Set against the backdrop of Dubai, a city where East meets West, the event fostered engaging discussions on Silk Road traditions, the significance of adornments, and modern-day values. Founders of East&West, Kristina Kretova and Anna Kameneva, expressed their delight in hosting the event and emphasized their eagerness to highlight the country’s beauty and the harmonious blend of women’s empowerment and traditional reverence depicted in their forthcoming project.

“We are thrilled to have hosted this event celebrating spring, women’s empowerment, and our brand’s launch in Dubai,” remarked Kristina Kretova and Anna Kameneva, founders of East&West. “We eagerly anticipate sharing the beauty and inspiration we’ve encountered during our filming across the UAE in our project ‘Women and Roads: The Way to Yourself.’ We look forward to showcasing the UAE’s magnificence and the profound synergy between championing women’s empowerment and the preservation of traditions within this distinctive cultural milieu.”