Enemy of gravity — a flying Segway in action! (video)

Techno 22 January, 2018

2018-01-22 18:26

Enemy of gravity — a flying Segway in action! (video)
Fantastic VIDEO which captures the spirit

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French company Zapata rejected the false coquetry and showed the world his brainchild — aircraft Zapata Ezfly, reports Rus.Media. She finally posted a video of his trials, conducted before the October 2017 over lake in Texas.

According to the staff, flying and having fun simple and enjoyable as orange: clothe his mortal body in a special suit and helmet, stand on the platform, decorated with jet engines, and ascend to heaven. To manage this case with the help of long handles that looks suspiciously like ski poles.

During the test flight the pilot climbed 30 meters, but the developers swear that the miracle of technology is not afraid of height and speed, saying that it could take as much as three kilometers over the horizon and accelerate to 130 kilometers per hour vertically.