Essential Phone: Android smartphone co-founder will finally be available in Europe!

Techno 20 July, 2017

It is possible that the Essential Phone, Andy Rubin’s smartphone, is entering the international market! We, too, will have the right to this new competitor of Apple and Samsung!

While its launch in the United States is imminent, the Essential Phone could also be released internationally. Andy Rubin leaves, with his flagship, to the conquest of Japan, the United Kingdom and Western Europe! Bad news, for its competitors that are the Nokia 8, the iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy Note or even Google Pixel 2 …. A change of strategy that could prove paying for the new brand. Even if the president of Essential did not make us dream with his two shots taken with the smartphone, the Essential Phone should send heavy photo level, with its sensor to 13 megapixels f / 1.85!

The Essential Phone promises to be more innovative than the competition … The brand does not hesitate to tackle Samsung and Apple which according to it rest on their laurels since the first iPhone and Galaxy. We hope that Andy and his team will regale us with this new flagship that already rolls the mechanics. Wait and see! Finally, do not pack too fast. The smartphone is still lagging behind, even if the firm assures us that the exit of the device is imminent among our American colleagues. At least that’s what Niccolo de Masi, president of Essential, says. So we will take it for granted. And you, you can not wait to see him land? But are you up to date on the features of the Essential Phone? We propose you to discover it in this quiz on the smartphone of Andy Rubin.