Experts explained why Tesla’s Elon musk gets to the asteroid belt

Techno 9 February, 2018

2018-02-09 20:22

Experts explained why Tesla’s Elon musk gets to the asteroid belt
Experts came to the conclusion that running a company SpaceX Tesla Roadster will not be able to get to the asteroid belt.

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The launch of super-heavy rocket, the Falcon Heavy has become one of the most notable events of the space industry in recent years, reports Rus.Media. Last but not least public attention was attracted by a spectacular stunt of the company SpaceX, which put into orbit a private car Mask – red Tesla Roadster. Fate of the world’s media watched with even more interest than commercial contracts, which is SpaceX.

At various times predicted various scenarios for the car. Assumed that the car will reach the orbit of Mars and will remain there, however, as it turned out, by changing the trajectory of Tesla Roadster “fly” by the red planet. The Musk later said that the car is moving to the asteroid belt – that is, to the region of the Solar system located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. There has accumulated a large number of objects of different sizes. Most of them has an irregular shape and refers to the number of asteroids and small planets.

But, as it became known now, the new flight forecast of the vehicle was incorrect. This was stated by several experts. The observation of the Tesla Roadster with the robotic 50-inch telescope in Australia showed that apogee orbit car will be much closer – at a distance of 1.7 a. in Other words, the car will be on a heliocentric orbit, not reaching the asteroid belt. Upon reaching apogee “Tesla” will move back to the Sun, Mars and Earth.

The green color is the trajectory of Tesla, blue – Earth orbit, orange – Mars.

With all this, the first test launch of the Falcon Heavy will be successful. SpaceX was able to launch the cargo and put two reusable stages of the three. The Central booster, the Falcon Heavy was not able to land on floating platform in the Atlantic ocean. He fell into the water at the speed of 480 km/h.

Falcon Heavy is not only the most powerful rocket SpaceX, but also the most powerful booster available now. Many experts also see it as an important step towards even more ambitious project – at Big Falcon Rocket, including the most powerful in the history of the booster and the world’s largest spaceship. This system want to use for Mars exploration and a range of other important missions. Begin to build Big Falcon Rocket plan later this year.