Experts have called the main danger of sex toys

Techno 3 February, 2018

2018-02-03 12:26

Experts have called the main danger of sex toys
Cybersecurity experts found another dangerous vulnerability in the software of sex toys

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By connecting to the world wide web, the hacking of intimate gadget can lead to fatal consequences, reports Rus.Media.

Identified deficiencies in the work of sex gadgets allow attackers to connect adult toys to carried out DDos-attacks, and take them under complete control during use. Hackers can easily get through this device to access any information about a person stored in the app: addresses, unencrypted passwords, photos, messages from instant messengers and so on.

The vulnerability of sex gadgets to hacker attacks have repeatedly been the reason for discussion in the network. At the end of 2017 app users Remote Lovense, designed for remote control toys for adults, complained that the service records to the recorder of everything that happens with vibrators.