Experts have told that causes outbreaks on the moon

Techno 21 October, 2017

2017-10-21 22:30

Experts have told that causes outbreaks on the moon
In recent decades, the study of asteroids is of special importance.

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Flash on the moon caused by collisions of small meteorites with the surface of the satellite of the Earth, explained scientists at the annual conference planetological DPS in the American Provo, reports Rus.Media.

Researchers are studying the surface of the earth satellite with two telescopes: one is watching the developments in visible light, while another looks at the moon only in the infrared spectrum. By combining data of the two devices, scientists were able to measure the temperature and the surface of a celestial body in those places where meteorites fall.

The project NELIOTA the European space Agency is installed in the Observatory of Kryoneri in Greece telescope observes asteroids. It established several high-resolution cameras, able to see traces of drops, even small objects on the surface of the moon. At the time of the outbreak, the temperature of the Month rises to 1,500-3,000 degrees Kelvin (1200-1500 degrees Celsius).

From this, scientists concluded that the increase in temperature can only be achieved as a result of collision with a meteorite. The mass of the asteroid is relatively small and varies from several hundred grams to several kilograms.

“These data will help us to measure the density of those heavenly bodies, which give rise to outbreaks, and to understand how they arose. Were they asteroids or comets? Now we are trying to find the answer to this question”, — quotes the planetary scientist from the European space Agency Chrisa Adelleda.

The largest objects flying near Earth’s orbit is fairly small, and the researchers are trying to build the orbit of each of them and provide a path to prevent collision with the Ground. They note that most of these bodies do not represent any danger, every year almost two thousand tonnes of meteorite substance painless for the people falls to the ground.