Explosion in space will bring to the Earth a nuclear winter

Techno 5 March, 2018

2018-03-05 09:23

Explosion in space will bring to the Earth a nuclear winter
In the centers of some galaxies, there are processes that can lead to serious explosion and the emergence of a nuclear winter

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This opinion was expressed by scientists after research, reports Rus.Media.

Astrophysicists have conducted a number of studies that have shown that in the center of some galaxies are the processes resulting in the release of large amounts of energy. If this energy will explode, it can cause the emergence on our planet of a nuclear winter.

The excess energy until transformirovalsya in star formation, but scientists do not undertake to predict where the energy will be able to go in the future.

The most powerful explosive processes the researchers observed in the milky way galaxy. It is established that it is in it several million years ago escaped the blast, which swept to Earth and influenced the development of life on it. Now scientists want to find out what can cause such an explosion now.

It is projected that in the first place, such an explosion will affect a radical change of climate on our planet. There are also more pessimistic scientists, who believe that such an explosion will completely destroy life on Earth.

According to preliminary calculations, the explosion in the milky way galaxy could happen in 30 thousand years.