Fanfest Final Fantasy XIV: Win 2 places and FF goodies!

Techno 6 February, 2017

Want to try your luck to win 2 places for the fanfest Final Fantasy XIV as well as goodies? This is where it happens !
If there is indeed a fanfest that is worth the blow in the field of the video game, it is indeed that of FF! Indeed and as you can discover in our article here, the fanfest of Final Fantasy XIV , it always sends heavy level ad and cosplay. Want to win 2 tickets for the next fanfest which will take place in Frankfurt on 18 and 19 February? You fell to the right place! Square Enix offers to win these seats as well as goodies. For this, you just go to the Twitter Stories Gaming and retweet the tweet about the contest here FFXIV. So, what are you waiting for?