Fire Emblem Heroes is to be downloaded on Android and iOS mobiles here

Techno 2 February, 2017

Find the download links for the new mobile game from Nintendo, the RPG Fire Emblem Heroes that will probably be epic!
Fire Emblem fans were waiting and after Super Mario Run , Nintendo released its new mobile game, this time on smartphones / tablets Android and iOS simultaneously. Its sweet name Fire Emblem Heroes , this RPG offers to take part in an adventure to protect the Kingdom of Askr threat of the Empire of Embla who wants to conquer the world.
Remember, this requires a constant internet connection like Super Mario, which will be released soon on Android , and at a time when not talking, he has already taken us to download more than 360 MB of given in addition to the 80 MB of base ‘application. Something that probably will like is the fact that the application is free , despite the presence of microtransaction. Truce of blah and if you want to download Fire Emblem Heroes Android , this is where it goes. For product aficionados Apple, it’s here . Will you download Fire Emblem Heroes?