First step for Laurie Blouin

News 24 March, 2018
  • Kevin Dubé

    Saturday, 24 march, 2018 00:21

    Saturday, 24 march, 2018 00:21

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    Before the competition, Laurie Blouin admitted to dreading the pressure that it was unnecessarily on his shoulders during the events presented in it, in Quebec city. Friday, the skateboarder of 21 years in a fi in a beautiful way, finishing the third round of qualifications to secure a place in the grand final of the FIS World Cup big air snowboarding, which will take place on Saturday evening.

    The athlete of Stoneham has a successful first jump, which earned him a rating of 72,50 and, despite a fall in his second attempt, it was the third best score of the day, behind the U.s. Julie Marino (77,50) and Switzerland’s Lia-Maria Boesch (74).

    “I’m very well felt. It is big sun and it is a very good temperature, so that helps. I had fun and I have not made my biggest maneuver, I didn’t feel that I needed it. I’ll keep this for the final. As for the pressure, I handled it, I’m proud of myself. I wanted to enjoy myself and have fun “, she mentioned, adding a little later that the fall on his second jump has not aggravated the injury to a buttock that she drags from the Games to Pyeongchang.

    The smile split from ear to ear, Laurie Blouin was subsequently imagined the atmosphere that will reign in the Island of Flower on the Saturday evening, when it will start.

    “It’s going to be sick ! There will be a lot of the world and the atmosphere. I’m really anxious to see. “

    In men, Maxence Parrot has also reached the final without too much of a surprise. He has also completed the third-highest qualifications with her first run, which earned him an 88.

    “The goal was to move to the final. In practice, I’ve done all the jumps that I want to do at the final, remains to be seen if I’ll need all the run tomorrow “, he mentioned.


    Parrot has been beaten by his compatriot Antoine Truchon, who finished second, just behind Switzerland’s Jonas Boesigner. The winner of the grand jump in Quebec, in 2012, does not, however, pressure of the result for the final on Saturday night.

    “When I’m competing, I do it for me. I want to go in having done my best, and be proud of what I’ve done. I also want Quebecers to see our sport, it has evolved and how it became a discipline and not just an activity of pleasure. For us, it is satisfying to know that people love our sport and are drawn to it. “

    Francis Jobin will be the third Quebec to participate in the finals in the men’s. Note that the final freeski will start at 16 h, whereas snowboarding will kick off on the stroke of 20 h.

    Qualification surprise for Margaret Sweeney

    Photo Jean-François Desgagnés

    Marguerite Sweeney

    Marguerite Sweeney will not have been skipping school for nothing, Friday. The student in sports studies, option snowboard, to the Cardinal-Roy high school, got his first pass in his career to a final of the World Cup by taking the sixth and last place leading up to the day ultimate.

    “I wasn’t expecting this at all. At the beginning of the week, I wasn’t even sure of jumping. I always kept a reserve, asking me if it was too dangerous. I did so not really make me in the final of a World Cup to finish off my year, ” said the young athlete of 17 years.

    Now that she is qualified, Sweeney has no intention of putting the additional pressure of a final.

    “The worst that can happen is that I finished sixth “, she says, already assured of achieving his best result in the World Cup.


    In sport, it is often said that we play as we practice. The rider Francis Jobin has completely reversed this belief on Friday.

    After a workout, it is painful, just before the skills, the athlete of Lac-Beauport had to change his approach and he finally managed to qualify for the final, taking the eighth rank qualifications.

    “I had the worst practice of my life this morning !” he exclaimed, before the representatives of the press, even before you ask him the question.

    “This is depressing, you just want to go away. I knew that I had the stuff to go in the final, but it had to be running well. I had a good plan, but it didn’t work as expected, so I had to change. During my first jump, I did something I had never done it and I didn’t get a very good score (57). I subsequently tried it during my second run and it worked, ” he added, speaking of the jump that earned him 76 points and a place in the final.

    Golden opportunity for Beaulieu-Marchand

    This is not gaiety of heart that Alex Beaulieu-Marchand has decided to miss the World Cup in Quebec. The skier from Quebec, and bronze medalist in slopestyle at the olympic Games of Sochi has received an offer he could not refuse on the part of sponsors.

    “I would have liked to be able to compete in my hometown. It’s always good to have all the support Quebec. I decided not to return to Western canada for the event, because I had opportunities to dream of skiing in the snow and visit the mountains of Western canada with a Forecast of Ski Magazine and Oakley. Skiing in the powder in the back country and visit all the amazing mountains of British Columbia has always been a dream for me and I couldn’t miss it, ” he said during an exchange of text messages with The Log.