For drunk men become more attractive 27%

Techno 20 December, 2017

2017-12-20 18:46

For drunk men become more attractive 27%

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Women have long known that men in a drunken state we must beware, reports Rus.Media. But scientists have only now been able to explain why this is happening.

It is learned that alcohol affects the hormones that cause sexual desire in men. Because of this, males unable to see what is not girls in fact: large Breasts, buttocks, beautiful face, long slender legs and trim figure. Scientists from Britain conducted a study, which was attended by about a hundred men. First, they showed pictures of women to pre-assess the level of attractiveness of each.

Then men, scientists began to solder and in the future, they are in a state of intoxication began to meet girls, which is seen in the photo. As a result, even those who had the lowest level of attraction, was level with the top models. Overall, scientists estimate that the effect of alcohol makes girls 27% more attractive.