Found a connection between fasting and fat burning

Techno 24 January, 2018

2018-01-24 18:55

Found a connection between fasting and fat burning
Unexpectedly discovered the effect known enzyme in the metabolism of fats

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Ceramide synthase bind fatty acids with amino-ceramide. They perform in the body a number of essential life functions. It is noteworthy that ceramide synthase, human and Drosophila flies are very little different. However, these insects have six variants of this enzyme. However, fruit flies are excellent model for the study of the functions of ceramide-sintas, reports Rus.Media.

Scientists from the Institute of life Sciences and medicine (LIMES) University of Bonn (Germany) found that ceramide-synthase from Drosophila are also enshrined in the inner membrane of the cell nucleus. The enzyme can connect to specific parts of DNA on and off certain genes. This mechanism depends on the condition of the insects. If the fly is hungry, the ceramide-synthase releases the gene responsible for the production of the enzyme lipase 3.

This enzyme breaks down fat into its components for energy. If animal food is sufficient, the gene of lipase 3 is blocked. Fat is not used, but stored for a “rainy day”.