Francis Sauvageau is condemned, but the preventive detention lets him out of prison

News 29 March, 2018
  • Emilie Valley

    Thursday, 29 march 2018 22:35

    Thursday, 29 march 2018 22:44

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    THREE-RIVERS | Francis Sauvageau, this man, 26-year-old Three-Rivers, who stabbed his father repeatedly in 2017, has regained his freedom on the same day that he received his award at the palace of justice on Thursday.

    The judge sentenced him to 19 months and 15 days imprisonment. Because of his detention on remand, he had served the full length of his sentence and was able to get out of prison.

    It must, however, comply with a three-year probation with a curfew. He will also remain at the Centre Le Havre de Trois-Rivières until they can be housed in an apartment supervised.

    It will also be followed up by stakeholders in the integrated Center for academic health and social services (CIUSSS) of the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec concerning his mental health problem.

    In the report présententiel, the psychiatrists do not agree on the diagnosis relating to them, ranging from schizophrenia to autism.

    Recall that in February 2017, Francis Sauvageau had taken several blows of knife to his father, who refused to go to him to buy cheese at the grocery store in the late evening. He had pleaded guilty to charges of assault causing lesions.