Friend the astrologer advised to change the hair color!

Techno 3 February, 2018

2018-02-03 16:19

Friend the astrologer advised to change the hair color!
All is normal in life, and look good

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Hairstyle and hair color greatly affect self-esteem and life women, reports Rus.Media. A long time ago all say that changing the hair color, can completely change your life. But to find a suitable color is very difficult, so many women either don’t change their image, or not doing it very well.

But to avoid mistakes in coloring can, if you choose the color depending on the sign of the zodiac. We will share with you beauty tips from astrologers. They certainly are not hair stylists and colorists, but to recommend a color that will help you to become more confident and to find harmony can.


The woman-Aries should pay attention to the deep brown shades and red or aubergine accents. Incidentally, it was the color of rotten cherries is one of the most trendy hair color this season. So feel free to completely dye your hair this color or make Balaj with him. Well, rich chestnut or chocolate completely accentuate your optimistic, confident nature.


Taurus is very practical and reliable. But the exquisite honey-colored hair will help them to awaken the sensuality and harmony that they are always looking for. Also astrologers recommend to try for yourself light walnut color.


Gemini are mostly not afraid to experiment, so change the hair color quite often. The only condition — the color should be rich and clean. But if your hair is tired of transitions from blonde to black, feel free to choose the caramel color.


Cancerians are very emotional and creative people. To mind crept a thought, it is best to give preference to wheat and white shades. It will be just perfect. But you should avoid unnatural colors, which will look provocative and inappropriate, because Cancers are very beautiful and soft facial features.


Lioness always want to be the center of attention. That’s why astrologers advise them to pay attention to dark copper shades. But make sure these colors are shaded red, because fire signs is useless. Also a perfect solution would be a wheat blonde.


Rational and calm Virgos will suit cool tones. For example, ash brown or platinum accentuate the natural femininity and intelligence this zodiac sign.


The naturalness Scales will help to highlight shades close to their natural. No major changes, and only a small transformation, not to disturb the inner harmony.


This passionate and unpredictable nature need to emphasize their identity Hotties. Yours is a bright and saturated colors in warm tones. Golden-brown, dark brown, copper, gold, red underlined inherent in charming facial features and will give even more confidence.


Representatives of this sign are very energetic and love adventures. The ideal method of expression for Sagittarius is to dye the hair any color of red. Incidentally, this is the only character which fit all the shades of this threat color.


Women-Capricorns are very responsible and disciplined. They know how to manage your time and life. They use a black color with a blue undertone, and all shades of cold blonde.


Silver is the color that is usually associated with the sign of Aquarius. Therefore, the gray color will only emphasize your uniqueness and independence. But if it’s not yours, then pay attention to classic chestnut, walnut and chocolate. But only it is not necessary to paint in too dark colors.


Pisces — compassionate, gentle and wise nature. This delicate nature, will fit soft angelic shades from light blonde to a light pastel pink.