Galaxy Note 7: Samsung will recover rare metals on unsold models

Techno 20 July, 2017

The Galaxy Note 7 not sold will soon be recycled. Samsung announced that several components would be extracted from smartphones, in addition to rare metals.

For a few days, the Galaxy Note Fan Edition is available for purchase in Korea. It is a limited edition of the Galaxy Note 7, whose goal is to limit the ecological impact caused by the failure of the latter. We did not forget it, Samsung was forced to launch a major call-back campaign last summer. Having failed to stop the explosions that the users faced, the manufacturer could not do otherwise than remove his phablette from the market. But if all the copies will not be marketed again, they will not go in the garbage directly for as much … Samsung will extract several elements of smartphones not sold, in order to preserve a maximum the environment.

While the Galaxy Note 8 is expected for the end of August, Samsung has spoken about the Galaxy Note 7 through a release. The South Korean giant announced that many components of the phablette would be recovered, such as the AMOLED screen or photo sensors. These components will then be re-used for other smartphones, allowing the manufacturer to save money and preserve the environment. But it’s not all … Rare metals will also be recycled from unused components, for minimal waste and maximum recovery. Up to 150 tonnes of gold, cobalt, copper and silver could thus be preserved. We have only one thing to say … Well played Samsung!