George Clooney: Amal Alamuddin threatened with arrest in Egypt, she denies!

Entertainment 26 January, 2017

Amal Alamuddin, George Clooney’s wife, is allegedly threatened with arrest in Egypt following a report in which she defends three Al Jazeera journalists. Let everyone be reassured, everything would go for the best!

Yesterday writing said that the wife of George Clooney faces jail . Indeed, the latter was threatened to be imprisoned in Egypt following a case on which she worked for the defense of three journalists working for the Arabic television channel Al Jazeera . Moreover, the lawyer did not hesitate to disclose the dysfunction of the Egyptian justice system which of course did not please the main concerned. However, while this story makes a lot of noise, Amal Alamuddin held to “dotting the i” on this rumor of arrest. By his own admission, she would not risk imprisonment and wanted to write for the Huffington Post : “The journalist has since apologized for the misleading presentation of the case in the article and the corrections were made to the text ” .
The spokesman of the Ministry of Egyptian Interior has also said the government has nothing to reproach Mrs. Clooney : “We have nothing against it,” he said. Here we are reassured! Amal Alamuddin must be reassured that this case has been clarified. This is a brilliant lawyer and hope that this case belongs to the past now as it to other upcoming projects: the latter is expected in Strasbourg on 28 January at the European Court of Human Rights to defend the Armenian genocide. In any case, the lawyer is very happy with George Clooney and he even said that Amal Alamuddin is pregnant … What do you think of this?