Ghost Recon Wildlands: The Preview!

Techno 27 January, 2017

In a few weeks will come the latest from Ubisoft, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. A game in line with The Division for its gameplay, the Ghost Recon side in addition. First assessment after several hours of handling in solo and multi.
In 2012 came out last soft franchise Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier , which propelled the players in the near future, in 2024, on the African continent (and a little too … Bolivia). Near future which was also the subject last year of The Division , last date of the game Tom Clancy, and proposing gamers to roam in New York about a violent pandemic . But this time, for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, a co-op gameplay video was shown there several months, no diabolical virus or leap into the future: Ubisoft released here a little homecoming in a time all that was contemporary , but still beautiful news and other cool stuff that the editorial ‘was able to test.
Liberty Guiding the Player
The particularity of this episode, we had already seen to some extent in The Division : freedom (of movement, in the choice of missions, etc.) . The game puts you in Bolivia on a large plot consists of several areas that you can cross the urge and in any order . It’s simple, it goes where you want the first minute: there is no linearity of the script , but the goal still remains to bag the drug cartel that you fight (so after the Count, there will be bosses before the final confrontation, the leader of the Cartel, and therefore a chouia of linearity). The missions are all more or less the same level of play (some still require some training and weapons or other equipment crafting), which allows players to start the extraction of an enemy, by the release of rebels or by infiltrating a base to retrieve documents, depending on what they want to do . All missions are not mandatory, which gives the app even more freedom in the approach that one makes of the game. One can undertake to make all the secondary missions or directly to attack the pillars of the cartel, And it’s pretty cool.
Mode bourrin or analysis of the situation?
Regarding missions, same thing: a feeling of absolute freedom . First by the extent, vast, places, but also in how we will meet the targets . No linearity in the approach that is made of each mission: one can very well go in nag mode, as the play “infiltration” in Metal Gear fashion … It’s like you want. In addition, each region has a different organization, which should not tire the player by causing him to do the same things repetitively (or at least on a larger scale). Regarding the character you play, know that you can customier the early , choosing his facial features, his haircut, clothes or accessories, for, after several assignments, gather resources to Then craft his equipment (weapons, mini drone, parachute, explosive, etc.).
Intuitive and intelligent gameplay
Then, the gameplay. The game is fairly intuitive , and regulars of Ghost Recon and other FPS should not have problems to take control of the game pretty quickly. For others, however, we have to work a bit, but Ubisoft for all planned offering directly on the current game access “tutorial” (text and image view) on its gameplay, without being too intrusive on main screen . It is quite intelligent and practical for novices, or for those who would like to revise a little. However, for vehicles, this is where things get complicated a bit : despite the ability to use the entirety of the game Vehicles (sixty), car driving is a bit sensitive and the helicopter flight is really not easy . But after a little time, you get used to, and movement throughout the territory becomes a real pleasure, thanks to the rather nice graphics, giving a really enjoyable game environment to the eye . Piloting the drone, it reminds a bit Watch Dogs 2 but has its limits with a battery that will discharge very quickly and a zone of action rather limited view of the extent of the maps , and it’s a shame.
What about the multi?
Finally, the multiplayer. Like The Division , you can during your campaign to involve up to three other players (the Ghost Recon are 4) on your part: no multi separate from the single player campaign , as many games currently proposed (think eg to Call of Duty Warfare Infinite, which you were offered a critical ago several months). The ability to play several online is even more interesting than the solo game , because it brings a real added value on possible approaches to group different missions. A multi that allows to discuss with the other players and to decide together the best strategy to adopt according to the chosen mission. In short, after a few hours of gameplay, Ghost Recon Wildlands offers something few games manage to integrate without installing routines: complete freedom . The app is really nice to play, because of the beauty of its graphics (especially the colors) and a rather lively and intuitive maneuverability. A great success in perspective. What is your favorite Tom Clancy franchise game?