Gone is the orgasm: what is the reason

Techno 4 February, 2018

2018-02-04 14:02

Gone is the orgasm: what is the reason
Where did the orgasm and what to do?

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If you have lost the orgasm, and the reasons you are unable to understand, it is not necessary to sound the alarm. Maybe these tips will help you to understand the issue and easily recover your loss.

For a start look for the cause in itself. Look in your inner emotional and psychological world. After all, the origins of female pleasure are rooted in our emotional state and attitude to the partner. Sometimes to cause the disappearance of orgasm can even the color of the Wallpaper and the beats of the clock in the next room or a new scent of deodorant on the body of a loved one.

Lost orgasm – the cause of the condition

If you have actually lost the orgasm, and you don’t feel him in bed with a partner, no imagination, no dream, then the cause probably lies in your health. Inspect your body for signs of disease. And that needs to be addressed together with experts-physicians.

  • The reason for the lack of orgasm can be any violations of the brain and Central nervous system, which can also cause other serious problems in the body.
  • Dysfunction of the vessels in the pelvic area can lead to the fact that at the time of the violations in the sexual organs not receiving enough blood, and the woman does not experience orgasm.
  • Hormonal changes in the body also affects the orgasm. By the way, often from pregnant women go through huge hormonal changes, you can hear the complaints that they have lost the orgasm.

Lost orgasm – psychological causes

Psyche is a very delicate and sensitive thing. Often the disappearance of the orgasm can happen for reason, far from the sexual sphere. It is easier to analyze the situation, when suddenly disappeared orgasm, after a certain event – most likely, the reason for it. And much harder when the orgasm subsides gradually, all the time becoming weaker.

  • Female orgasm is very strongly influenced by stress and experienced emotional trauma. In this case, the best healer is time. But sometimes you may need professional help.
  • Wrong priorities can lead to the weakening or complete absence of orgasm. Simply put, if you head is filled with work, school, recreation and other values“, and you give it with more enthusiasm than sex, and the result will not keep itself waiting long. It is important to evenly distribute themselves on all aspects of his busy life, and at the time of sex to think only about sex.
  • Long absence from sexual relations – are also the enemy of orgasm. If, for example, you’re a faithful wife of a sailor or trucker, this syndrome is quite possible. And treated only by “stepping up“ of training and return to regular sexual activity.

Lost orgasm – problems with your partner

And, of course, an important role in the strength and identify orgasm is given to the relations of the pair.

  • Various quarrels, insults, scandals, disappointment, betrayal, selfishness partner… The list can be very long and unpleasant.
  • In addition, your husband is also a real person, and he can be your male problems in society or health. Maybe he needs your help, or at least in understanding.
  • When you have, at first glance, all is well and stable, and the orgasm can be lost for this reason. You are so long and so well each other know that sex is banal: tired and boring. Need urgent “upgrade“ of sexual relations that they shone with renewed vigor.

The main medicine in this case – a Frank conversation with her husband. And there are two ways: if you can, revives love, and if you do not see the point don’t hold on to relationships that have been exhausted. Because of the fact that lost orgasm – the first signal of the body that have a problem in the relationship, and it is time to decide.