Good advice to help in the school life of your student!

Techno 9 February, 2018

2018-02-09 21:31

Good advice to help in the school life of your student!
10 important phrases that parents should tell the child.

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What memories pop out in your mind when you think about school? The first of September, guys are fun, friendly class, friends for life… Many, unfortunately, it is not so. My memories of school life is not rosy. For me school was always a burden. And not even because of studying and homework, as due to issues with peers and socialization.

And I’m sure that I’m not alone. A hate school so far, and everyone has their own reason. For some, was unbearable morning rises, for others it’s the mountains of homework, for the third — unbearable master. And it was stressful for a small and unprepared for a child’s life.

I have no choice but to accept the fact that no one explained to me the fundamental and necessary things that would prepare me for school and helped to avoid stressful situations. But other children may still be different. And today we want to share with you the good advice that need to give their children before school. What a pity that I never explained…

How to prepare your child for school

10 important phrases that need to tell the child

Grades are just numbers

“Your mind and intellect is not measured in the estimates. More importantly, you will learn, will learn, remember. It stays with you, and grades are numbers on paper and nothing more. Strive for knowledge, discoveries, achievements,” it is very important to convey this message to the child that he is not to blame yourself for every low score. Because the assessment — a very subjective thing, often extremely unfair.

No need to try to be friends with everyone, enough to be friendly

“If you find a loyal and good friend will be fine. But so happens not always, it so happens that the team just is no person who could be your friend. It is not necessary to despair and to try to be friends “with somebody”. Be friendly with everyone, once you find your friend.”

I agree, it would be nice to realize this before. So why not explain it to a child before he will face difficulties?

Do not let yourself offense

“You will come to the team with whom you will spend the next 11 years of his life. Each of these people’s personality with his character. Only it is not necessary to adjust ourselves to anyone, humiliating yourself. Try to fit in, to take his place, but never let it get to you”.

Teach a child to be honest, to respect themselves and others. He needs to understand that hypocrisy is the wrong way.

Not join in the persecution

“There are situations when one child from the class to humiliate other guys. Please, never stand on the side of the abuser. Better tell me about it, we’ll try to deal with it”.

That the school can be worse than bullying? Nothing, especially if mocking you. To make a child understand how bad it is and that he can talk to you about it anyway.

No one can laugh at you. Even teacher.

Faced with teachers who love to make fun of students? Like anything bad, only if these jokes are not evil and do not offend the child. Tell the child that if his insult these jokes, it’s wrong.

The teacher is not the absolute authority

No one is saying that we should not respect teachers. Just teachers are people just like everyone else. They are stupid, narrow-minded and sometimes wrong. I would not impress upon the child the idea that the teacher is always right. The child has the right to their opinion. Of course, there are teachers who are able to become real mentors and to help in any situation.

It is important to teach your child to respect, but do not need to convince him that the teacher’s words is the truth in the last instance.

What you’re a little, no reason to insult you

I remember a story about a girl who could not long endure, she had often to go to the toilet, and the teacher did not let her out. A girl peed in front of the class and became the victim of bullying. The child must understand that it is wrong and no one is able to do with it. Tell the child that he has a right, and no one dares to limit them.

You can’t threaten

“Take I’ll give in the end of the semester”. “Put your hair and I’ll cut you”. No one can say these words to your child. Either the teacher or peers are unable to threaten him. Teach him this.

You can’t let classes

“The teacher can not let you go to class, because you’re not dressed as he would have liked. And even if you forgot your indoor shoes — it’s not the end of the world. Not worth it to rebel or argue with the teacher. The conflict won’t benefit. Just stand up for yourself”.

I’m always on your side and can protect you

Whatever it is, the child needs to know that you’re on his side. You are his support and protection in any situation. Teach the child to trust you, to be able to come to his aid at the right time.

How do you think you need to tell the child to prepare him for school life? Do you have any life hacks?