Google Chrome will appear parallel load

Techno 14 December, 2017

2017-12-14 21:44

Google Chrome will appear parallel load
Google added to its Chrome browser one very useful feature. The specialists XDA, Chrome 64 (the next version will be support for parallel downloads

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This is when creates multiple connections to the server simultaneously downloads different parts of the required file, and then stitch them together. It’s pretty old technology, familiar to many through various programs to download, reports Rus.Media.

Soon, however, these programs will not be needed, because the technology will appear directly in the most popular browser in the world. It is known that it will appear in software for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS and Android, but in Chrome for iOS it will not.

Parallel download will be activated after the download process will last more than two seconds.

Actually, support for side loading has been added in the code browser a few months ago, but the feature is disabled.