Google Pixel 2: A feature inspired by the Samsung Galaxy S8

Techno 13 July, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is an inspiration for the Google Pixel 2. The search engine will poke some ideas to the flagship Android smartphone.

Since its release, the Samsung Galaxy S8 serves as a reference in the market of Android smartphones. Not surprising then to see several phones inspired! He murmurs, for example, that the iPhone 8 would only be a pale copy of Note 8. As a historical partner of the South Korean manufacturer, Google will also look for some ideas on the side of the flagship smartphone. Thus, XDA-Developers discovered in the source code of Android O DP3, that the Google Pixel 2 could have the right to a screen always on. A feature that furiously recalls the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its “Always On Display” mode. The phone of the search engine could have the newness of this novelty, but all Android smartphones could be equipped soon.

For a few generations, Android allows the smartphone to wake up when taken in hand or with a double-tap on its screen. With the next version of the green robot, an “Always On” mode is added. This allows the user to constantly have his notifications in sight. An energy-saving function thanks to an OLED screen, a technology that could also equip the iPhone 8. On the Android O DP3, XDA-Developers warns that this functionality is not yet accessible. But Google seems to test it actively for its Pixel 2 according to the latter. This one should be the first to run under Android O, which is expected for the next school year.