Google Pixel: Update on availability in France

Techno 30 January, 2017

Will the Google Pixel be available in France? We take stock of the smartphone output of the search engine in our country.
It’s been nearly four months since Google Pixel is commercialized. After a failed launch, due to several design flaws, the Mountain View smartphone seems to have met with some success. Only available in 6 markets, the latter would have already sold more than 1.5 million copies. Unfortunately, Google seems to sulk France, and many other European countries. The Pixel is thus not always available in our region . The smartphone stocks are at the lowest in the regions where it is marketed. Google certainly expect better days for her arrival in France, where Pixel assistant will land.
Meanwhile an official availability, it is already possible to buy the pixels in France . The first solution is to go through a German VPN to buy it on the Google Store. The easiest technique is nevertheless to go on … Amazon. A third party vendor of e-commerce giant offers indeed the past few days Google Pixel to 777 € . This is the UK version of the phone, compatible with our 4G bands. The California firm that filed the trademark “Pixel” in France in early October, we also imagine that she intends to commercialize here soon. Will you buy Pixel?