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News 30 March, 2018
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    The trade in The Poultry and Game Market has been sentenced to 4250 $ fines last December.

    Vincent Larin

    Friday, 30 march 2018 20:36

    Friday, 30 march 2018 20:36

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    If you have bought a packet of sausages to the trade in The Poultry and Game Market, and that they seemed already outdated, it is possible, since at least one employee changed the dates on the labels of some products.

    This is why the small kiosk located inside the Jean-Talon market, in Montreal, was fined $ 2500 in December last year. This is in addition to two other tickets, in particular because some employees were not wearing head covering during the preparation of food, for a total of 4250 $.

    After receiving a public complaint, two inspectors of the City of Montreal presented to the trade in November 2016. They were found in a trash bin of plastic film covered with the juices of raw meat carrying labels of products.

    Not a first

    It is by comparing these labels to those products that were stored in a refrigerator of the trade, including the tenderloin and rillettes of pork, smoked bacon and foie gras, they have discovered the fraudulent scheme.

    “The products had been repackaged and the date of first packaging had been changed to a more recent,” noted an inspector in his report.

    Photo courtesy, MAPAQ

    Before you take off the label to show the origin, that lies behind.

    Photo courtesy, MAPAQ

    In peeling the label, we see on the one below that the actual date of expiration is on 23 October so that the new one is on the 1st of November.

    An employee had then confessed that the change of labels was done in the morning.

    Extract from the report

    “The date of the original package was from September 29, 2016 and the new label indicates a pack date of 23 November 2016” –A reviewer

    The owner of the trade, Michel Morin, told the Newspaper that it is one of his employees who had taken the initiative to change the packaging since some of them were damaged. This one has been thanked for and protocols have been changed, added the owner, although it has not been possible to verify these facts.

    However, her business had already been pinched for the same reasons in 2014 and was the subject of a story in The Newspaper.

    It is necessary to wait several months after an offence for a judge to hear the case and make its award. The details of these judgments have been obtained as the result of a request for access to information.

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