He entered the top 10 Universities in America

Techno 6 February, 2018

2018-02-06 10:19

He entered the top 10 Universities in America
Young guy Sweet Geary filed documents in 10 prestigious educational institutions in the US, and they all responded positively.

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Exam results, he was better than 99% of the applicants from America. Guy graduated from Financial-law Lyceum in Kiev and is now conquering the United States!

The idea to study in the States didn’t come to him spontaneously, he pondered this in his school years, and in 2017, decided to try their luck. And luck was on his side. Among them were Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, etc.

Ukrainians decided that the education he will get at Harvard.

This victory cost the student a huge effort: he was good in all subjects mastered the English language, formed his stance and successfully passed the numerous tests.

The University was awarded the George Sweet cash prize which will cover all costs for 4 years of further education, as well as accommodation and food.

In addition to Sweet in Harvard Ukrainians are no more.

The student shared that learning now with a daughter of Barack Obama. Malia lives as a normal student

“I was upset when I found out that I was the only representative of Ukraine at Harvard. I want to believe that in the future Ukrainians will start to open for themselves new opportunities to get education in order to become useful for their country.”

Such people can be proud of Ukraine!