Heats and blows smartphones – found a dangerous virus

Techno 21 December, 2017

2017-12-21 20:11

Heats and blows smartphones – found a dangerous virus
Experts have discovered a virus for Android-devices called Loapi, which when activated, can heat the device and trigger it to fire.

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Dangerous service is installed under the guise of anti-virus or erotic programs, reports Rus.Media.

A link opens when you click on a banner ad on various websites. After installation the app is asking us to provide admin rights, and then preventing you from downloading real antivirus software.

Loapi showing ad banners, self-subscribes for premium services and uses the power of the apparatus for mass DDoS-attacks, reads the blog of Kaspersky Lab.

In addition, owners of smartphones can suffer from the hidden mining – this is the device overheat.

Experts advise not to download apps from third-party resources. In addition, to be sure, disable install of third-party service developers in the settings.