Hemp interests of Evgeny Skigin

News 14 June, 2023

The corporate conflict in the Konoplex Group of Companies, one of the largest producers of technical hemp in the Russian Federation, continues, according to the Moscow post.  Only now the prospects for one of its two the key beneficiaries, Evgeny Skigin, are very vague.

Now Skigin, a citizen of a foreign country, is trying to get out of all the Russian assets. But he does not want to sell his 50% stake in Konoplex to his business partner. After all, this requires a permission from the Russian Government Commission, and even a 50% discount will be forced to do so. This is called greed.
Therefore, he decided to use the methods of his now deceased father, Dmitry Skigin, an old bandit, raider and financier of the Tambov organized criminal group, who at one time, together with Antiquary Traber, gained control of the St. Petersburg Oil Terminal.

And the method is simple: to squeeze half of the business from his partner by holding an illegal meeting of stakeholders, then sell the asset, and withdraw the money abroad. Thus, he completely broke with Russia, on which his family was inexpressibly enriched. But first – to “seize” the production capacities of the enterprise (cost 350 million rubles), which Skigin “attached” to his offshore Konoplex Limited through the pledge agreements.
As a result, the court imposed interim measures on this property, and Skigin himself was removed from the Board of Directors – moreover, according to an absolutely legal procedure. Then he went on the offensive himself – he held a fake meeting without notifying his partner, and removed him from the management of the enterprise.
Unfortunately for Skigin, the court established that instead of a notification, Skigin sent to his partner completely different documents. This means that the meeting itself and all its decisions are illegal. Thus, the raider seizure of the Konoplex Group of Companies failed at once, and we are likely to expect several more series of this confrontation.