Here are 10 good and not so good things that we receive in the inheritance from parents

Techno 26 January, 2018

2018-01-26 17:26

Here are 10 good and not so good things that we receive in the inheritance from parents
Genes rule!

The color of the eyes, feet and nose isn’t the only thing we inherit from our moms and dads, reports Rus.Media . From them we get a tendency to many dangerous diseases, baldness, and even an irresistible craving for caffeinated beverages! Nevertheless, your health is in your hands.

Here are 10 things that you can say thanks solely to my parents and genetics:

1. High cholesterol.

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We used to think that high cholesterol is associated with unhealthy lifestyle. Well – known fact- to live a long happy life, you need to eat more vegetables and fruits, to exercise regularly.

However, sometimes high cholesterol is not dependent on lifestyle and your genes. In this case, even a healthy diet and active lifestyle will help to avoid raising cholesterol.

2. The possibility of baldness.

From parents we inherit the sensitivity of hair follicles to one of the hormones, which contributes to baldness. It causes a degeneration of the follicles resulting in hair thinning and discolored, are transformed into vellus hairs that don’t cover the bald spot.

3. Intelligence.

It is known that at least 60% of mental ability is inherited. Moreover, we inherit from our mothers and not from their parents. In addition to genetics, the formation of mental capacity is also affected by the relationship between the child and mother. Than it is stronger, the better the kids solve complex problems.

4. Love for coffee.

It can be caused genetically. Scientists have found that the owners of the PDSS2 gene drank less coffee than those who do not. This gene is responsible for the breakdown of caffeine, causing the substance to remain longer in the body.

5. Diabetes in children and adolescents.

Genetically transmitted tendency to diabetes and not the disease itself. Risk factors for its development is obesity, pancreatic disease, stress, which are accompanied by a release of adrenaline, etc.

Diabetes type 1 diabetes can be inherited through generations, therefore, healthy parents can be born a sick child.

6. Daltonism.

Often it is a hereditary disease. It is transmitted from father through daughter to grandson. The daughter is a carrier of the gene that determines color vision disorder, but she does not suffer from the disease.

7. Lactose intolerance.

When your body cannot process and digest lactose – milk sugar. All because of the lack or low activity of lactase is a special enzyme.

Lactase deficiency may occur because of gene mutation. It happens very rarely, is manifested immediately after birth.

8. Ability to drive a car or motorcycle.

Not everyone is good to drive. You can successfully pass all tests, to memorize all the rules of the road, but skillfully led and learn. All because you have special genes that slow down the reaction, reduce the amount of attention affect memory.

9. Myopia.

If one parent has the disease, 50% of 100%, it will be and the child. The child is not itself a disease but a predisposition to it. It gets the size of the eyeball, or the properties of the lens, which, because of certain reasons can cause blurred vision.

10. Popularity and the ability to be the soul of the company.

She is also, according to scientists, transmitted to us from our parents. In the past they may have been in the spotlight because he owned the valuable information, which attracted people’s attention.