Here is the big secret each sign of the Zodiac

Techno 12 February, 2018

2018-02-12 14:44

Here is the big secret each sign of the Zodiac
And your too!

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Strange thoughts, desires and fantasies come to everybody, but some people fixate on them, reports Rus.Media.

That is the most terrible strangeness inherent in each sign of the Zodiac:


You are constantly thinking about death. On the way to work can you imagine what would happen if you run out into the road in front of the car, while driving think about possible accidents. You are obsessed with death.


You follow people for hours browsing other people’s pages in social networks. But if your love (or ex) is depicted on a photo with someone nice, you will find the profile of the person and read the information. It is possible that you even “accidentally” bump into her in her favorite coffee shop or at her work.


You — sophisticated liar. You can suck the thumb of history and make it so that all will believe it. Sometimes you lie just. Purely for the sake of humor. And you all believe it.


You are prone to madness. When you meet someone, this person overshadows everything for you. For treason, you can literally rip to pieces — and not be the slightest remorse.


Sometimes you imagine your own funeral. You think about who will come first. Who are the loudest to cry. Whom your death would hurt the most. It’s a sick fantasy that gives you a sense of self-importance.


The day you’re an innocent little angel, but at night, when you indulge in sexual fantasies, you think very strange thoughts. So strange that you are embarrassed by your arousal.


Your story hits YouTube, Wikipedia, and movies online is really dumb. You see all sorts of unhealthy crap, and if your computer falls into the hands of the police, you’re a serial killer.


You head to constantly come to random sick thoughts. When you hold a small animal, you think about how easy it is to squash it. Passing by a beautiful girl, you think you could throw her under the bus. You never will do, but think about it regularly.


You can look somebody in the eye and notify her that her old grandmother died, without a tear. Sometimes you do not experience any feelings. Only complete indifference.


You planned the murder of friends and loved ones. In fact, you don’t want to hurt them, it’s just a mental exercise. You figure out how to avoid harassment, just to exercise ingenuity.


You have not once thought about what the language will say at the funeral of his mother, father or best friend. They are not dying and not sick, but you like to be creative. And what could be more creative emotional Eulogy?


In your dreams you often fantasize about all sorts of horrors — such as someone opened fire at you at work. In your imagination you see yourself as the hero who kills the criminal and saves the day.

Well, we’ve uncovered your secret?