Here’s what the length of your thumb can tell about your personal life!

Techno 6 December, 2017

2017-11-29 15:22

Here’s what the length of your thumb can tell about your personal life!
Look at this picture and select the option that reminds you of your thumb!

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After you make your selection, scroll down to see the result!, reports Rus.Media.

1. Both halves of the thumb level

If both halves of your thumb level, it suggests that you are calm and balanced person. Since you hardly show your emotions and show your feelings to your partner it can be difficult to understand your attitude and it disappoints him! You don’t like drama, I prefer when everything is stable that can sometimes confuse your partner. Give your partner the opportunity to find out what you feel towards him, it will definitely improve your relationship!

2. The top half more than bottom

This means that you are loyal and a hopeless romantic. When you are in a relationship you are very faithful to their partner and love him with all my heart. Unfortunately, your passionate nature can be overwhelming for your partner, if you don’t give them the personal space they need.

3. Upper half lower

This means that you are an honest and reliable partner. You tend to control your emotions. You like to think logically, and often make decisions based more on reason than on feelings. Besides, in relationships you are always VERY slow decisions. This may disappoint your partner!