High-profile revelations by the mouth of a brave scientist: NASA is hiding proof that Mars had life!

Techno 13 March, 2018

2018-03-13 16:15

High-profile revelations by the mouth of a brave scientist: NASA is hiding proof that Mars had life!
Suspicion in the soul of the British scientist Barry Di Gregorio sowed interesting images of the surface of the red planet taken by the Rover Curiosity. And he bravely shared them with the world, and we are with you!

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“Vivica!” — about so exclaimed fellow of the Buckingham centre for astrobiology Barry Di Gregorio at the sight of fresh images of the surface of the red planet, which brought in the teeth of the Curiosity Rover. They caught the eye of any Milonova, no one would understand and everything would be done. But the thing is, the British scientist and an ardent fan of the theory about the existence in old time of life on Mars (and produced about as much as two books — “Mars. Living planet and the microbes of Mars”), reports Rus.Media.

In mid-December 2017 Curiosity for a couple of days have made a halt on the Martian ridge ruby Faith, on the slope of mount sharp, and snapped a few photos of rocky terrain. One of the unfortunate images Di Gregorio saw the undulating patterns of dark color.

Briton beats his chest a microscope is nothing more than fossilized traces of “soft animal”, which once roamed the red planet! But NASA sure these formations came as a result of the drying up of lakes or water flows.

When we looked closely at these structures and got more detailed pictures of them, we realized that they really look like sticks, but have not round, but angular. In other words, they are more like crystals than traces of germs, says Ashwin Vasavada the head of the mission Curiosity at the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA in Pasadena.

“Aha! — reply to this Di Gregorio. — Then why as soon as these things were discovered, from the NASA headquarters received an order to transfer vehicles to the next point, huh?! So they just did not recognize the opening so important! And it does not “stick” and not the crystals as claimed! Look at the photo better — it’s poured out of fossils! So crystals do not branch and are not bent!”.

“And nothing we’re not being moved, said Vasavada. — On the contrary: turned the Rover to take a good look at these strange structures. And have not regretted: in January and February not far from them we found a dark tubercles on the type of gypsum deposits that formed at the bottom of the earth’s lakes after they dry up completely. Most likely, business was so: at these tubercles formed crystals, for example, salts, over time, they “overgrown” sediments crystalline rocks — so in the end there are the same mysterious structure. And Martian critters are innocent!”.

However, Di Gregorio remained adamant: according to him, NASA is hiding from the public the findings proving the existence of life on Mars, not to cross the flight program there, slated for 2030. He teamed up with two like-minded people to study thoroughly taken by the Rover’s photos, and preparing a report, which intends to provide evidence that the red planet was quite habitable. Good Luck, Barry!