His wife before her death, asked her husband to water the flowers

Techno 3 February, 2018

2018-02-03 20:11

His wife before her death, asked her husband to water the flowers
Husband watered the flowers with the years, until I learned the truth

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The Englishwoman told of how her late mother named Phaedra played her husband Nigel, and he learned about it only years later after her death. Phaedra ordered Nigel to water the flowers in the house, and he did not dare to disobey her requests. But after a few years of randomly realized I was doing it in vain.

No one can build a more elegant prank on a person, than the people close to him – family. In the UK, so all the relatives together prikololsya over father fixed him with a fake winning lottery ticket for Christmas – and the reaction of his father to “win” was worth their efforts. The stories about such family Prank, you can add the story of another British women about the unusual flower of her mother.

Phaedra and Nigel, Nicole and I met at 16 and have lived all my life until the female died of cancer in 2013, when she was 69 years old. For her entire family that was heavy with grief, and especially hard it had her husband and daughter Antonia.

Before his death, Phaedra asked her husband to do something once it will be gone not to stop watering her flowers in the bathroom. Nigel took this request very seriously and five years regularly promised. After all, it was the last wish of his beloved, and such people always are very kind – sometimes this leads to the fact that we have to apologize for mocking CISA worn clothes (and maybe you were in such situations).

The efforts of Nigel clearly did not pass in vain, because the flowers looked just fine. However, the toilet in the house for some reason started to leak and Nigel had to constantly wipe the puddle on the bathroom floor. But recently the man had surgery and could no longer care for himself, so I decided to move from your home in a home for the elderly.

A he wanted to take the flowers, which reminded him of his late wife. And then, five years after her death, he opened the truth of what he so carefully tended all these years.

The flowers were not real, but plastic similar to this plant.

The world had to know the story and told her daughter of the deceased – 46-year-old Anthony.