Hitman is finally available in physical version

Techno 1 February, 2017

The most balze of hired killers comes in plastic and discs on console.
Players who prefer disc versions with beautiful boxes to display on the shelves of your libraries, what you understand! And apparently Square Enix also, as yesterday, the physical version of Hitman is available. Due to the episodic format Hitman and the choice was perfectly explained by Hakam Abrak which manages the series , the episodes were released in digital format at first.
Between France, Italy, Morocco, Thailand, the United States and Japan, Agent 47 sees the country in this reboot. The title is now available in physical version on PC, PS4 and Xbox One . The output boxed game comes close the season 1, pending a hypothetical season 2 which would allow us to visit the unexplored regions of the series … Will you play this physical version of Hitman?