Horoscope for women for a week from 12 till 18 Feb 2018

Techno 11 February, 2018

2018-02-11 20:42

Horoscope for women for a week from 12 till 18 Feb 2018
It is a woman’s horoscope helps to understand what can help to become a happy woman and I should leave it in the backyard.

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For happiness this week will have to be overcome, but the result justifies your expectations. The fact is that a good horoscope helps to avoid many troubles and find happiness, reports Rus.Media.

There are women in which no one falls in love, but all love them. There are those that seem to fall in love, but nobody loves. Happy can only be called that which I love all, but love only one. This week, planets, and constellations will help lovely ladies to rise. To say that you will find some seven days — blatantly lie. The way to happiness everyone has their own is the path of personal growth, or to be more precise, the ability to be happy in the here and now. It is a woman’s horoscope helps to understand what can help to become a happy woman and I should leave it in the backyard.

Aries Woman

Aries absolutely can not fool their brains with expensive seminars and support group-parents, jealous advisers, stupid friends. This week you enough to remember your mistakes which you have already done, in terms of other people’s opinion. Perhaps you have repeatedly promised that more don’t step on the same rake, so you don’t step.

This week should be careful, circumspect and cunning. Just listen to yourself, intuition you will not fail. Venus this week will get stronger and will ruin your life by its negative influence, if you let her. The antagonist will not act directly, but through people. During this period the outlines of new prospects will become much clearer, there will be specifics. Your life will include something new: new dreams, circumstances, people. However, if you share hopes for the future with people, the plans will remain in its infancy.

Taurus woman

The stars advise women that represent the constellation of Taurus, to share the responsibility with your loved ones. Use the handy tools — femininity, for example. The house was a broken faucet? First curb the urge to rush like hell for a wrench. No male functions. Relax, stay a real woman. Can be hysterical, but not carry around all the as a workhorse.

Loving husband not around? Well, call a potential admirer: one, ex-partner, future lover. If to solve the problem, only together, and next to her husband. This week your emotions will take possession of Venus, why even think for one it will be difficult for two, three, or ten. Venus will teach you of femininity, however, other successes in life will cease. But it does not matter that the main thing now — to come into balance with itself.


The twins need to let into your life a little magic. Mercury is moderately active in Aquarius will liberate you from work. The success of the material plane is now unattainable, astrologers do not recommend to waste your precious time. Do what you do best, and — get charity.

You do not have to sacrifice massive amounts of money: philanthropy is primarily help others, and not necessarily material. Your main task in these next seven days — to help others who are less successful than you, people. There is no one to help? Then help yourself. No excuses: the universe will respond to your kindness and perseverance of its space use.


For representatives of the constellation of Cancer the next week is perfect to enhance self-esteem. As you know, the way any woman to absolute confidence is through the perfect look. Astrologers suggest to work on this, starting with shapes. Forget about all the heavy bags from the shops. Yogurt and pod celery — at the time. What’s for dinner, honey? Celery. It is useful and easy.

The week will start exciting, which is not surprising because the control will deal with a Month. Your patron on Monday and Tuesday will stay relaxed in Capricorn. These are two dangerous days for the female energy, because Capricorn is the complete opposite of Cancer. Be patient: soon, you expect happiness, freedom and love.

The Female Lion

I would like to start with something positive, but will not work. This week critically weakened by the Sun in Aquarius will critically weaken you. However, Sunday the Sun moves into the Sign of Pisces that will make life easier. But Sunday still have to live after going through 6 energetically challenging and exciting days.

Mood accept wavy character. This is why the experts website dailyhoro.ru it is recommended to spend some savings on a favorite. It’s not a waste, and investment in femininity and happiness. Perhaps family members will not understand such behavior, but at heart will love you even more.


Order in the house order throughout. It was with this slogan will start the week for representatives of the Sign Virgo. To clean up the mess is not ashamed, ashamed to live in the mud, especially if it not only at home but also in thoughts. Away all negative attitudes, — the stars say — it’s time to change your life. And change it best from the inside out.

Though Saturn and its positive impact on your side, it will not help to change your destiny and rewrite the history of life. It is purely your problem, you need to decide for yourself. Start small — stop to see the world alone cons, because there are a lot of advantages. You get to rational Virgo that lies dormant within: it will tell you what and how to do it.

The Woman-Libra

Women Libra this week will be to walk the knife edge, where on the one hand, immersion in everyday life, and the gap into the unknown. Still tear, so that on Monday will decide where. Out of the shadows finally released the Venus, which is your last meeting to gain strength and powers to help you. It will soften your fall.

Just don’t let anyone confuse you. Here, for example, you wanted to do some new and exciting thing, and your partner in an inhuman voice says, “no it is not self-fulfillment, nonsense and nonsense, primitive degradation.” Not lose. You, after all, capable person who can distinguish black from white, and all sorts of tips about how to live, you do not need.

Scorpion Woman

Mysterious women-the Scorpios this week is a hundred times more attractive than usual. To hide from male attention, it will be possible except at home, and there are risks that fans will huddle under your Windows. What is the secret? To be honest, no, it’s just since the birth of the universe gave you a purpose to break hearts to other women collected the debris left behind after you.

Now about the main thing. Active planet that would affect you, will be Saturn. The effect will be sharply negative. So don’t let any advice. Your success — it is just your time needs to remain secret. Girlfriends asking for advice on how to seduce a man? Silent. People now can’t trust their secrets.

The Woman-Sagittarius

The stars suggest the archers to pretend that you are a little dumber than her husband. For anybody not a secret that you are smarter than everyone else, but my husband doesn’t need to know, especially if your relationship has just begun. Men love smart, but I prefer they do those who are a little dumber than them. It’s their problem, you think about it not necessary. Just this week, forget the text “I reprogrammed the router to create a more powerful network.” Teach: “I accidentally something clicked and it all disappeared.”

The fact that the relationship with your beloved this week will fall under the impact of the negative intervention of Venus. You should prepare a way to retreat or to cheat. To keep a man, do not need much, just allow him the time to become the main and the most intelligent.

The Woman-Capricorn

In the period from 12 to 18 February female goats need the help of loved ones. The fact that aktiviziruyutsya a very negative character for your stable and steady life. It will be about the antagonists-the Neptune, which is its negative effect will outshine all, even a tiny fraction of good luck. In such a dangerous time, may emerge even the old problems about which you wanted to forget once and for all. You may have forgotten, and Neptune remembers everything.

The stars advise you to remain silent and smile. Positive is a deadly weapon. The first few days will be incredibly difficult to force myself to act, but then you get used to it. Do not complain to life, accusing it of injustice: Neptune’s waiting for. Ask for help, or gain strength within yourself. The third is not given.

Aquarius Woman

February is the month of Aquarius. In this time representatives of this Sign feel at ease, the main thing — not to relax. Luck is with you, the effect is enhanced Saturn too, you only know what you want from life, and start to act. Here’s a simple rule on these seven days: their lives need to hold up until it starts to hold you. Don’t just sit there: even if happiness literally falls from the sky, is only a small part of what you can get from the Universe.

Live as you want, do what you think is right, Park where convenient. And rejoice, rejoice. The world of men will pressure you with logic, but don’t. At the time you are free from obligations and rules invented by someone else.

The Woman-Fish

Fish this week will be fully prepared. Femininity will be at the peak of the maximum. Left quite a bit to learn how to manipulate a man. In any unclear situation, sit down and cry. Tears as they say the best weapon women have, the more roar disarms others. First, they are looking for solutions, then an incomprehensible situation turn into clear, and then solve it.

The most important thing — not to abuse someone’s help, but this week you can. You will have all chances to get rid of the problems working with someone in the team. However, the Uranium in these seven days will take the place of the planet, still prefer the tenacity cunning. In the end, all manipulate each other, but you will chase a higher goal.