How deep is your vagina

Techno 14 March, 2018

2018-03-14 19:19

How deep is your vagina
Other answers to questions that you were always shy, but wanted to put.

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1. The average length of the vagina is 7-8 cm, reports Rus.Media.

2. But the stimulation and excitation depth of the vagina goes up to about 11-12 inches.

3. Also during arousal the vagina expands. During sexual arousal the vaginal canal relaxes and expands, creating a small reservoir. The researchers suggest that this extension is necessary for short-term storage of sperm, as a way to facilitate fertilization.

4. During the excitation increases and the clitoris. Like dick, he poured the blood and its sensitivity increases.

5. The walls of the vagina pleated, like a skirt. They are folded and can fix inside the vagina different subjects: member of the swab.

6. The vagina cleans itself. This means that you will never need to put yourself soap or shower gel to wash it. Moreover, chemistry has the opposite effect of cleaning and can cause vaginal infection.

7. Your vaginal secretions change depending on the period of the menstrual cycle. It is a way of the vagina to tell you that you ovulos and you are in your most fertile window.

8. The vagina is tilted. As you know, a tampon you need to insert a tilted (towards the back). This is because the vagina is tilted between 108 and 130 degrees.

9. Probably you still have the hymen. Contrary to what you heard, your hymen is not something that “appears” and “out” after the first sex. When the hymen is stretched (what people mistakenly call “the gap”), it does not disappear, but remains inside you.