How many men need to have sex

Techno 3 February, 2018

2018-02-03 12:14

How many men need to have sex
Of course, I wish with age, the desire to have sex did not leave representatives of a strong half of mankind, because you receive more experience and skills

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But scientists from the Kinsey Institute in conjunction with the Indiana University decided to afflict men, reports Rus.Media.

They conducted a survey, which came to a very sad conclusion for adult men.

Scientists estimate the average number of sexual acts among representatives of a strong half of mankind in different age categories and reported statistics.

The numbers are:

men aged 18-29 have sex 112 times per year (about 2 times a week);

men aged 30-39 – 86 sex acts;

men aged 40-49 years 69 times.

In principle, statistics are not deceiving, because men after 30 years are faced with everyday problems that take the lion’s share of time and effort. It is not surprising that couples are beginning to prefer watching the new season of the show instead of making love.