How many of these habits have with your husband: 10 male habits that annoy us

Techno 4 February, 2018

2018-02-04 12:15

How many of these habits have with your husband: 10 male habits that annoy us
We do our best to next to us turned out to be the perfect man. And almost achieve the desired. Almost.

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To cope with some of his habits can not afford, even if you had a ring or buzynove wand. Mind you, there is no word on the scattered socks, the proverbial lid of the toilet seat or about trivial tube of toothpaste. Now in favor other mainstreme.

It does not distinguish between colors

If there is somewhere men’s a hell, then it near the shelves with towels, shades of brown. Chocolate? Beige? Coffee? Never heard of it. Because brown is gray. Even worse, only with pink. There powder, and salmon, and fuchsia. In General, the fires of hell 🙂

He ignores the fact that in front of him

“Honey, did we eat yesterday that salad?”for the third time asked beloved man, who for the third time opens the fridge, stares directly into the bowl with the salad (I think that’s it-and the salad itself clap eyelashes), closes the fridge again and asked where his salad. Is a gift by God!

Nothing he could buy without a list

Even if the list consists of two items, it needs to be. Because if you came into the store for yogurt and cereal, you will leave the store in five minutes with a pack of oatmeal and a Cup of yogurt. Husband an hour to throw you messages with pictures of all the boxes of cereal and all of the yogurts in the store. Because he doesn’t have a list, which is the exact name, weight and color boxes. Enrages? Not the right word.

Satisfied puddle on the kitchen table

Even if it is just brew tea and it needs only to pour water from the kettle into a teapot, and the teapot into the Cup on the table will be puddles. No, PUDDLES. Like it melted a giant snowman. Wipe the puddle with a kitchen towel? And where is it?

He long chooses

You can always look at three things: how fire burns, water flows and is studying how your favorite descriptions to your fans (kettle, multivarka and the like). You have this Hairdryer (well managed old break!) has chosen the three characteristics, paid and got the courier, but no, your husband volunteered to help you. And he had a week with gusto burianova donkey compares a dozen plastic seekers like you for the Hairdryer to get married.

He criticizes you when you are driving

You can’t do anything right, even if you have 10 years of driving experience, behind courses of extreme driving, and he was just a week ago I got the rights. How do you brake? Also overtaking him how long we can last! Where are you going?! Green, go!!! Why are we going this route and not yesterday? I want to take him away into the woods and leave it there. Let is chosen as the boy-with-finger in the bread crumbs, or looking for which way is North by the moss on stumps.

He asks

And it does so in two variations: first, when not listening to what you tell him, and at some point, looking up from the tablet screen, out of politeness asked: “whose was the dog?”And you already do not remember, whose.

Second thing: you, beat the cream kitchen mixer or showering, it is precisely at this point, sets some urgent question from the far corner of the room, and to you, of course, reach only scraps of phrases. GE-Ni-al-but!

He plays tanks

And he’s “out there” YOUR tank earned, bought for victory points, tuned, cool, powerful, still-and-and-barrel – not that Dima or Vlad from engineering. In General, they have to “be there” every day “battle of the thrones”, and you have to sit and wait an hour or two while they are with boys the age of 30+ in a virtual face off… muzzles.

It takes up the whole bed

Even if you are the happy owners of euroroute two by two, lover manages to completely occupy a bed. How? Easily. He goes to the star, scattering rays ” at the four corners of the bed and partially on you. There is another, light version of a nightmare” called “a shared blanket”: you Wake up, shivering, because favorite wrapped in a blanket “croissant”, and you have to pull the corner to pull himself at least a little of the veil. Heat… Nicely… And again! love finds you on top leg. Checkmate.

He gets angry if you sphalerite

You ten times I watched “interstellar” and another twenty “the Grand Budapest hotel, and before going to the cinema is important for you to know about, what’s the movie about. But God forbid if you accidentally favorite a man to hint at a little something from the story. All is lost! Compactly La Comedy. Your song is sung. The Butler did it. No one is going anywhere.