How men survive divorce?

Techno 6 December, 2017

2017-12-04 16:50

How men survive divorce?
We have assumed that the man going through a divorce easier than a woman. So usually all the compassion of others, regardless of circumstances, addressed to the fairer sex.

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While psychologists say that men in a relationship, it’s not less stress, just by existing in our society, the stereotype of a “real man” never loses its composure and keep your emotions to yourself.

In such situations, men don’t hurry to go to a psychologist, preferring to pour his sorrows in alcohol, or forgetting promiscuous love Affairs. Below we present the opinions of those who had to experience all the hardships of divorce proceedings.

Dmitry, 31, electrician

“The last two years my ex-wife lived like cat and dog. So I knew that the break up was inevitable. But still, when the wife filed for divorce, it was a big blow. At the time our daughter was only three years old, and I really wanted her to have a happy family. But, unfortunately, did not happen. Now we’re divorced. Since that time it has been more than four years, but to make serious relationship, and even more, to create a new family as you do not want – terribly. I’m afraid that my new relationship will have the same result. Maybe I just haven’t met the right person, but after the divorce my faith in love is very shaken.

Viktor 35 years, architect

“My wife and I went relatively calm: no tears, yelling, and throwing things. Joint ownership we have not had children. And together we lived only a year. However, after the divorce I lost faith in myself. I think I’m kind of lame and don’t like women. My ex wife blamed me that I didn’t earn enough and is not able to provide all its needs, although it was not so.

After my divorce, I oddly felt relatively calm. I was glad I ended the relationship that both of us weighed.