How much you need to eat to lose weight!

Techno 15 December, 2017

2017-12-15 13:46

How much you need to eat to lose weight!
Measure the portions by size hands.

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If you constantly sit on a diet, but a proper calorie counting and measuring required portions mislead you, do not despair, reports Rus.Media.

In this article we offer you some method with which you will be able to distribute portions, using a normal human hand. Don’t need no weights, no calculator, no anything else — just the palm and five fingers.

To begin, simply set a palm and look at the fingers. In this case, the number of fingers corresponds to the number of meals that you will make daily. Thus, according to the finger sizes, you will be able to determine the portions taken during the day — from Breakfast to dinner.

For example, for dinner meets Littlefinger. Accordingly, the thumb is responsible for Breakfast. Thus, it is easy to see that the Breakfast should be eaten as much as possible, but at the dinner — less.

Measuring the portions in action

If you squeeze your hand into a fist and look at it, the size of this fist will show the approximate number of carbohydrates that you need to fill during each meal. That is, in order to satisfy your hunger, you will need a batch of products the size of a fist. This can be, for example, any cereal that you like.

The amount of protein is determined by the square of the palm — you will only need a small piece of meat, fish, which will correspond to its size. This is enough for one meal.

Cheese lovers will also easily be able to determine its required amount. They have to do is put your two fingers that make up the value of the product.

The forefinger will help to determine how much fat you need to eat in one sitting. It is enough to roughly measure the distance from the tip to the first line of such a piece would be enough to need the fat gone.

For fruits and vegetables it is best to fold two hands in a handful. Double this for a handful of fruit will help to solve all the problems.

By the way, dieting should not be a reason for the refusal of sweet. But it is important to remember that the amount shall not exceed the amount of the tip of the thumb. And if you have the desire to eat dessert, close your hand into a fist and imagine a piece that would fit in. That is the portion you can afford.

Thus, using this fairly simple technique, you will be able to identify portions of food that can be eaten on the diet. Note that it is not necessary to use to determine servings for children, because for them, they are quite different than for adults.